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Why you need a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be very time consuming and spare time is often in short supply with the busy lives we all lead. You should consider hiring a wedding planner if: 

  • devoting 8-12 hours weekly to planning, especially if it is a short engagement sounds daunting

  • you are having a destination wedding and there is a lot to do with everything else in your life to take care of

  • Pinterest has so many overwhelming ideas and it is all a jumble of color

  • you have planned parties before and often find yourself stuck in the kitchen or running around not enjoying the festivities yourself

  • you have trouble staying organized and managing a budget

Aside from saving you precious time to enjoy your engagement and wedding, the reason we will be a tremendous asset to you is because we are experts in our craft!

What your Wedding Planner can do for you
  • research, design, planning, and coordination of your wedding

  • financial budgeting and management

  • site selections

  • recommending vendors to fit your style and budget

  • providing cost analysis of vendor proposals

  • understanding rules, regulations, and negotiating contracts

  • organizing logistics of planning in a timely fashion

  • developing a timeline

  • providing floor plans

  • on site management for your big day

Katie L. 6/24/23

"Thank you to Got Your Six Wedding Planning for providing your services for our day! It helped to bring our vision together and our guests as well!"

Danielle P. 6/9/23

"Haley and Luke are such a sweet couple and they have the best handmade pieces to rent from them for your big day. They even built us 2 custom bars for the wedding and hung all the fabric and bistro lights. This was a huge vision of mine that I wasn't willing to go without and I'm so glad they could make it happen."
Jacqueline C.

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you both SOO much!!! Bobby and I couldn't have done our wedding day without Got Your 6. We felt so supported the day of our wedding and leading up to it. It was such a relief to know everything will be okay because of you two. I will definitely give my friends back home who will be wedding planning your info! Thank you again and let's stay in touch. (October 8, 2022)

Karissa D. 

Haley is a wedding planner that respects your budget and helps you to obtain your vision with creative thought and DIY power. Haley is able to use all aspects of her artistic self to create the day you are looking for without breaking the bank. Haley is realistic and tenacious, which are great aspects of a wedding planner that you want to be supporting you on your big day. (October 2, 2021)

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